Lake Macquarie: Living Cultures

9 December 2017 – 4 February 2018

The Lake Macquarie: Living Cultures exhibition project is an ongoing series, a museum-style display with a difference. This new space supports local stories, artist residencies and research. Artists will also be engaged to interpret and document aspects of Lake Macquarie history, culture and the environment with a combination of artefacts and artworks. This second exhibition in the series focuses on the beach life and activities, and features a small selection of artworks from the collection.

A gallery project coordinated by Debbie Abraham and Jo O’Toole with the Aboriginal Reference Group, local surf clubs and historical societies.

Artist Unknown, Caves Beach Open Boat Crew 1960 (Winners of the 1960-61 Australian Championships). Image courtesy of the Caves Beach Surf Life Saving Club.

artwork artist unknown