26 August – 15 October 2017

A patient respect for the integrity and potential poetry of an idea distinguishes the practice of established Hunter-based artist Lezlie Tilley. Memory, stillness and reflection are concentrated in the meaningful patterning (or rhythm), materials and mark-making that constitute each of her carefully resolved works. Most recently, Tilley’s explorations have segued into a sonic dimension with the production of a new music score. In this exhibition, we see her work evolve from reworked books and A-less texts, to a fully realised composition that resonates with the influence of Philip Glass and John Cage.

A gallery project curated by Meryl Ryan in consultation with the artist.

Lezlie Tilley Ikonen 2017, reworked book, mixed media 17.3 x 12.5cm (closed). Courtesy the artist © the artist

Lezlie Tilley