11 April – 20 July

Following on from the successful 2013 project with Anne Zahalka, and in line with the themes of environmental sustainability, contemporary practice and education, the gallery has drawn together an exhibition featuring works by leading Australian artist Janet Laurence.

Curated specifically for senior school students, the selection will include iconic pieces from the artist’s practice including the work made for the gallery’s sculpture collection. With the focus on the HSC curriculum, Kate Caddey has conceived a comprehensive
artist case study to complement the exhibition.

A gallery project curated by Meryl Ryan in consultation with the artist, Debbie Abraham and Kate Caddey.

[image right, detail] Janet Laurence Blood and Chlorophyll 2014 rescued red gum, acrylic, scientific glass, blown glass, salt, coral, bones, wood, oil paint, pigment in oil, dried grass, inkjet on acrylic, tulle, mushrooms, mirror, sulphur, botanical matter, approx. 670 x 420 x 160cm, courtesy the artist

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Artwork; Detail of Janet Laurence's 'Blood and Chlorophyll' 2014