In-Habit: Project Another Country

3 August – 8 September 2013

This exhibition project, originally commissioned by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF), considers the idea of ‘place’.

The Aquilizans present two separate but interconnected works that address the ideas of journey and diaspora, settlement and resettlement, home and land, plight and displacement. Using the process of collecting and collaborating to express ideas of migration, family and memory, the husband-and-wife team work with local schools and the community to construct small houses using recycled cardboard boxes and tape.

Installed on scaffolding, the houses will contribute to a growing community of dwellings, resembling a sprawling construction site continuously evolving and always in transition. This installation of cardboard dwellings references the makeshift Badjao house on stilts.

In-Habit: Project Another Country is a Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation commissioned project, toured by Museums & Galleries NSW. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

[image right, detail] Alfredo + Isabel Aquilizan In-Habit: Project Another Country (detail) 2012, used transport cardboard boxes, packing tape, handcrafted cardboard houses, makeshift drums and sound, single channel video projection plus 5 LCD screen installation. Installation view, Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Sydney. Photo: Jacob Ring. Commissioned by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation 2012.

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Artwork: intallation detail of Alfredo + Isabel Aquilizan's In-Habit: Project Another Country 2012