25 August – 15 October 2017

A patient respect for the integrity and potential poetry of an idea distinguishes the practice of established Hunter-based artist Lezlie Tilley. Memory, stillness and reflection are concentrated in the meaningful patterning (or rhythm), materials and mark-making that constitute each of her carefully resolved works. Most recently, Tilley’s explorations have segued into a sonic dimension with the production of a new music score. In this exhibition, we see her work evolve from reworked books and A-less texts, to a fully realised composition that resonates with the influence of Phillip Glass and John Cage. .

A gallery project curated by Meryl Ryan in consultation with the artist

Lezlie Tilley Ikonen 2017, reworked book, mixed media 17.3 x 12.5cm (closed). Courtesy the artist © the artist

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Lezlie Tilley


25 August – 15 October 2017

Collections of tales, truths and histories – in the written form as books, ledgers and libraries – promise the revelation of secrets and imaginative ideas, facts and pathways to enlightenment, as well as deceits and loss. More than any other found (or lost) object, the book has a uniquely complex resonance. The book-related motif, therefore, whether literal or conceptual, offers artists countless possible layers of meaning. Hunter-based Deidre Brollo and Ahn Wells join the list of contemporary artists – Chris Bond, Simryn Gill, Julie Gough, Stephen Goddard, William Kentridge, Archie Moore, Brigita Ozolins, Patrick Pound and Cyrus Tang – who acknowledge the power of books in this thought-provoking collection of works..

A gallery project curated by Meryl Ryan.

Simryn Gill Four Atlases of the World and One of Stars 2009, paper, glue, dimensions variable. Collection of Amanda Love, Sydney. Image courtesy the artist and Utopia Art Sydney © the artist

Artwork Simryn Gill=


20 October – 3 December 2017

This exhibition has evolved through a collaborative partnership project between Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery, Arts in Recovery, and Newcastle Community Arts Centre. Throughout workshop sessions, the partners have been committed to consulting with, supporting and mentoring a group of mental health service users through the process of skill development needed to develop art parctice outside institutional avenues. Established artists and museum/gallery workers have participated in a formally designed program of workshops to mentor the participants. For this group of emerging artists, wellbeing and a sense of self lies partly in being able to develop their skill and confidently indentify as artists in a 'future full of art'.

A partnership project with Arts in Recovery and Newcastle Community Arts Centre coordinated by Jo O'Toole and John Cliff and supported by Create NSW through the Regional Partnerships Program.

One of the emerging artists developing his practice during the Art(ful) Futures workshops.

artful futures participant