Aboriginal Programs

Stories: country, knowledge, spirit and politics

18 August – 24 September 2006

Stories expressed the ‘art choice’ of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and their communities. The selection of artworks under the sub-themes of country, knowledge, spirit and politics provided an insight into a revitalized Indigenous cultural expression, redressing past constraints, labelling and attitudes.

The exhibition tracked the evolution of Indigenous art forms and imagery from an urbanised and localised Indigenous experience – looking ‘beyond the dot’. The issue of identity (past and present) and the unique kinship ties of Indigenous society provided a view into knowledge, lore, ceremony and communal generational teachings, connecting Indigenous artists and their communities with the irrevocable social ramifications post 1788.


  • Ian W Abdullah
  • Brook Andrew
  • Douglas Archibald
  • Gordon Bennett
  • Byron Brooks
  • Burrunur
  • Nici Cumpston
  • Lorraine Davies
  • Karli Davis
  • Tony Dhanyula
  • Judith Donaldson
  • Julie Dowling
  • Michael Gadjawala
  • Walter Hanse
  • Cherie Johnson
  • Jonathan Jones
  • Leah King-Smith
  • Emily Kame Kngwarreye
  • Jack Laranggai
  • Jack Marranbarra
  • Queenie McKenzie
  • Jimmy Moduk
  • Sally Morgan
  • Munduwalawala
  • Terry Ngamandarra
  • Denis Nona
  • Lin Onus
  • Myrtle Pennington
  • Ian Rictor
  • Ginger Riley
  • Michael Riley
  • Beverley Anne Shipp
  • Jelta Tapau
  • Michael Nelson Tjakamarra
  • Dawn Townsend
  • Dundiwuy Wanambi
  • Carlene West
  • Alec Wurrmala
  • David Wrindilly

A gallery project curated by Donna Fernando and Diana Robson in consultation with the ARG supported by Arts NSW

Artwork: Traditional headdresses (detail) 2006 by Jelta Tapau

installation foreground
Cherie Johnson,
Lest We Forget,
(detail) 2008-09
terracotta ceramics,
dimensions variable,
commissioned for the
exhibition by LMCAG