Aboriginal Programs


10 September – 24 October 2004

Passage was an expression of memory and the living culture of Indigenous peoples of Lake Macquarie and beyond. Conceived by the ARG and curated by Brook Andrew, it celebrated and explored regional Indigenous culture, contextualizing the local experience within a broader national artistic framework.

This exhibition presented traditional and contemporary artworks alongside cultural objects. It questioned the complex nature of artistic practice and the tendency of non-Aboriginal people to pigeonhole ‘authentic’ Aboriginal art. Emerging artists’ works were exhibited with those of more established artists; all expressing conceptual and artistic links to homelands.

As a part of the project, the community was invited to join a workshop led by Tasmanian Aboriginal artists Corrie Fullard and Jeanette James, making traditional shell necklaces.

Artists included:

  • Douglas Archibald
  • Mervyn Bishop
  • Roy Barker Senior
  • Roy Barker
  • Astro Brim
  • JB Clark
  • Debbie Powers Dates
  • Destiny Deacon
  • Lola Greeno
  • Corrie Fullard
  • William H Fernyhough
  • Fiona Foley
  • Jenny Fraser
  • Joshua Frost
  • ST Gill
  • Jeanette James
  • Joseph Lycett
  • Daryn McKenny
  • Joanne Currie Nalingu
  • Walter Preston
  • John Skinner Prout
  • Jim Ridgeway
  • Mick Shane
  • Esme Timbery
  • Lady Timbery
  • R Timbery
  • Christian Thompson
  • Connie Whiting
  • Lenny Wright Jr

A gallery project curated by Brook Andrew in consultation with the ARG and supported by Arts NSW

Artwork: Turtle Pot 2003 by Jim Ridgeway

installation foreground
Jim Ridgeway,
Turtle pot 2003,
stoneware, oxides,
23 x21cm diam; Fish
pot 2003, stoneware,
oxides, 23 x 22cm
diam; Ebony and ivory
2003, stoneware,
tiles, 25 x 23cm diam