Aboriginal Programs

Booragul Wetlands Art Project

July – October 2002

The Booragul Wetlands Art Project began with a number of workshops conducted with local primary and junior high school students. Issues such as environmental factors relating to the wetlands’ placement and construction as well as local Aboriginal history and ‘water place’ stories were discussed with a group of students.

Guided by established ceramic artists John Cliff and Sue Stewart, with Aboriginal consultant artist Douglas Archibald, the students then used the information as inspiration to construct a series of ceramic poles. The young people were also involved in planting sections of the wetlands as a part of the project launch.

The series of poles, together with the surrounding flora, tell a collective story about the contemporary uses of the site and reflect on the original ownership of the land.


  • John Cliff
  • Sue Stewart
  • Douglas Archibald
  • with students and teachers from Booragul Public School and Lake Macquarie High School

A gallery project coordinated by Susan Ryman, supported by the Office of the Lake Macquarie & Catchment Coordinator, LMCC and the Premier’s Department through the Booragul/Bolton Point Community Renewal Project

Artwork: Booragul Wetlands Art Project (detail) 2003

Booragul Wetlands Art Project
(detail) 2003 installation shot